5 Steps Employer Road Map to employ an apprentice

Are you ready to start your apprenticeship journey but don’t really know where to start?

Follow the simple 5 Step Employer’s Roadmap or contact our Causeway Coast and Glens Labour Market Partnership team for advice here

A more detailed 5 Step Employers Roadmap is available to download here

STEP 1 - What  skills gaps?

Identify recruitment challenges and skills gaps in your  business.

STEP 2 - Which qualification?

Identify skills gaps in your business and search for the best qualification that fits your needs.

STEP 3 - Which training provider?

Search by occupational area for a training provider who delivers the qualification your business needs.

STEP 4 - Recruit and Select

Have you a potential apprentice in your workforce or do you need to recruit? Advertise your vacancy on your website, social platforms, online job search boards and with your training provider.

STEP 5 - Agree and Commit

Your training provider will support both you and your apprentice every step of the apprenticeship journey.

Investing in success!

Success Stories from Employers
Colin Kirkpatrick
CT Sports
Albert Clyde
Riding for the Disabled Association