What is an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships aren’t just for school or college leavers, they are for everyone aged 16 years and above.

Whether you’re employing a young person fresh out of school or you want to upskill and reskill current staff, apprenticeships are an ideal way to ensure your team have the relevant skills and knowledge your business needs.    

Did you know?

Apprenticeships are constantly expanding and now span a wide range of occupational areas including transport and logistics, finance and accounting, agri-food production, hospitality and life sciences. Qualifications have also changed, and as an employer you can now train an apprentice from Level 2 to Master’s Degree level.

Develop your workforce for the future!

Apprenticeships are highly valued by employers. By training an apprentice you are laying down strong foundations for a hardworking, motivated and loyal workforce who understands how your business operates.

Blended training!

Apprentices spend on average one day a week in ‘off-the-job’ training. This can be based either at the training providers’ facilities or at your business’ premises. Apprenticeships last between two and four years, and during this period your training provider will support and assess your apprentice.

Currently there are around 150 Level 2 and Level 3 apprenticeships and over 45 Higher Level Apprenticeships to choose from.


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Investing in success!

Success Stories from Employers
Jonathan Mitchell
Senior Store Manager
Henderson Retail, Ballycastle
Dr Rosemary Peters Gallagher OBE
Moore NI